Review: Placentophagia – Feast on Thyself (EP, 2012) PlacentophagiaFeast on Thyself
  1. Feast on Thyself
  2. Ceremony of Atrophy
  3. Flesh Fetish
  4. Embryophile
  5. Cadaver to the Unborn

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Date : 2012/07/20

Bloody, putrid, vile, rotten, fetid, decaying, cadaveric, deranged, and of course violent, those are only a few words to describe Placentophagia’s grotesque death metal. This new band from Ottawa doesn’t use any parental advisory filters, and they rejoice singing about floppy babies and cadaverous rape.

Feast on Thyself is the first EP of the band. It has 5 songs of average length (between 3 and 6 minutes), topped with movie excerpts, intro and outro, for a total of about 22 minutes.

With guitarist Charlie Leduc from ultra-technical band Deformatory, you are sure to find a highly aggressive dose of death metal performed in a very competent way. With an old school death metal feel, guitars are deliciously saturated with distortion, while both bass and drum are giving the baloney an efficient pummelling bone grinder crunch. When you dig deep into an iconic genre, you don’t necessarily aim for a different sound or formula than what hundreds of bands have done before you. In fact, Feast on Thyself tastes like your favourite dish, for its preparation has been based on classical recipes.

This is in-your-face brutal death metal. After a creepy 40 seconds intro, the EP kicks in with the title track, a close caption to a blood-spattered story, made of a mix of classic early 90’s death metal riffing, and some blastbeats and double bass drum thrown in to spice it up. It is also American-style death metal: a song like “Ceremony of Atrophy” has a solid skeleton made of grooves and variants; another song like “Embryophile” displays vicious guitar arrangements (almost catchy), but in the end, it never gets close to a melody.

The music itself isn’t enough to fully enjoy this EP. The lyrics (more than just the death metal growls) are just as important to experience the full gore stench of Placentophagia: “Your body is my scalpel’s playground, your clothing torn, left lying around, to soak up the blood that I have spilt, orgasm from death, my flesh fetish is you.” Obviously, any newcomer to the genre would be deeply shocked – this is the point. However, Feast on Thyself is a juicy raw piece of meat, and I would recommend this to any gore obsessed, Cannibal Corpse fan.

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