From Coast to Coast: Black Metal Edition cover

Here’s our brand new compilation “From Coast to Coast: Black Metal Edition”, which features Canadian black metal bands! Work for this compilaton has begun a few months back, things have taken more time than expected for various reasons, but the important thing is that it is finally here! We are very proud to offer you this compilation,  a compilation that reflects our own country with its originality and diversity. As opposed to our death metal edition, we decided to go with more than one band from each province when possible, time limitation was not a concern with this digital release, we ended up with 14 great bands from 8 different provinces.

Once again, we would like to dedicate this compilation to all the people involved in the Canadian scene, whether they are in the front seats or working in the shadows, their role is equally important in the crafting of this art that we love so much!

Special thanks to Chris Dyck and Sab Kay at Nothing Is Heavy for their amazing work in designing the artwork you see at the top of this post.

Lastly, a huge thanks to all the bands who agreed to be part of this compilation, thank you for your time and, most of all, for your music!

Ancient Reign – Nova Scotia
Bound in Human Flesh – New Brunswick
Thrawsunblat - New Brunswick
Catuvolcus – Quebec
Spirit of the Forest – Quebec
Eclipse Eternal – Ontario
Wolven Ancestry – Ontario
Wilt – Manitoba
Desecrate Scripture – Saskatchewan
Nachtterror – Saskatchewan
Ov Hollowness – Alberta
Trollband – Alberta
Firecult – British Columbia
Funeral Fornication - British Columbia

The compilation is available for download on our Bandcamp page at the following address

Long live metal!

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