February 2015 Compilations

Subarctic Norctures - Doom Compilation

As we insisted in our very own Top 20 for 2014, doom is one of the genres that gained more interest than any other in Canada in recent years (in terms of growth), a phenomenon that follows a solid trend worldwide. Over the years, many artists contributed to this scene, for example Cortisol, Longing for Dawn, Towards Darkness, Blood Ceremony and Cauchemar, but 2015 marks a new chapter in the story of doom in Canada. Reunited under the Hypnotic Dirge Records (HDR) banner, a Saskatoon-based label, a series of contemporary bands has been identified under the title Subarctic Nocturnes Vol. 1: Doomed to Be. First in a trilogy of compilations (the other two should be revolving around different metal genres), Doomed to Be is an impressive lineup of local and international bands, including current or previous HDR rosters (Norilsk, Lycanthia, Nethermost, Atten Ash). Important to note, Canadian bands weigh in heavily in the first half of the compilation, with Altars of Grief, Norilsk, Psychotic Gardening and Lavagoat. As HDR mentions, Subarctic Nocturnes Vol. 1 includes veterans and newcomers alike, and a wide range of styles such as melodic doom-death, gothic doom and sludge doom. In perpective, to hear all these excellent bands into one single compilation and supported by a respectable label such as HDR is sending out a message, loud and clear: doom-death has not only roots in Canada, but it is currently in consolidation mode. Appropriately, the title Subarctic Noctures: Doomed to Be is a reference to the northern origins of these bands, and the darkness that comes with it; but it also suggests that there is a promising future for doom metal. A statement that should be taken as a benchmark for the genre.

With its nice artwork designed by Coby O’Brien, you can download this exceptional compilation for the price you want by clicking here.

Wacken Metal Battle 2015

Wacken Metal Battle Canada is back ant the battlefields will be Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria! Aguably the biggest metal gathering, Germany’s Wacken Open Air invites one more time Canadian bands to take part into the battle. To give you an idea of the keen interest towards this event, we are served with a compilation of no less than 81 bands(!) from all styles and origins, from one side of the country to the other. If this exercise looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet where you don’t have the slightest hope to get through your plate, it will very likely make you discover new bands, and inform you about which of your local bands will fight to get a chance to perform in Wacken.

Listen and download here.

_News - comp Asher Media Vol4

Asher Media Relations, one of the most important metal publicists in the country, presents  a free compilation under the sign of Valentine’s Day. Cupid Metal! Love Hurts! Love Scars Vol. 2 offers 14 appropriately-named songs from a wide range of bands, for example “Eating a Beating Heart” (Expain), “Bitch” (Fayne), “Little Angel” (Laugh at the Fakes), “Planète Heurt” (Norilsk), or “Countess of Discordia” (Viathyn). A heartfelt compilation that will be devoured like an assorted box of chocolates, Cupid Metal will help you discover, or rediscover, a wide range of local bands of the moment.

Get it here.


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