Musical Digest: Dopethrone, Insurrection and Slave to the Grind

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Do you like dirty/stoner doom? With its filthy guitars and oily grooves, Dopethrone has become one of the leaders of the genre. The Montreal band is about to launch its fourth album, Hochelaga (named after the famous Montreal neighbourhood), on April 13 via Totem Cat Records. With a beautiful cover artwork by Alexandre Goulet, Hochelaga will likely be the natural progression in the band’s discography: same heavy stuff, but catchier and with a slightly better production. In order to promote this release, Cvlt Nation is premiering the first music video of Hochelaga, titled “Scum Fuck Blues”, produced by The Whore Church. Click the following link and get blasted:

Among the other notorious recent video releases is “Prototype” from the Gatineau band Insurrection. Title track of their latest album released in 2013, it is remarkable by the quality of its images and the energy of the band. I particularly liked their use of the visual theme of the album, which made me want to revisit the CD in its entirety. Solid.

Who says no to grind? Probably one of the subgenres that contributed the most to pushing the boundaries of metal as we know it, it’s with a lot of pleasure that we recently learned about a documentary solely dedicated to it. Slave to the Grind goes into the personal stories of a large variety of bands, and collect their thoughts and respective lifestyles. Below are two excerpts, one with Mel Mongeon of Fuck the Facts, the other with Aaron Homma of Killitorous.

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