Compilations – 2014 in Retrospect

_News - comp HSR II

Hammer Smashed Radio, the cult Ottawa extreme metal radio show, put together a behemoth of a compilation with no less than 26 bands. With no surprises, it includes a majority of bands from the Ottawa-Gatineau area such as Accursed Spawn, Insurrection, Fuck the Facts, Fumigation, Alaskan, Norilsk, Deformatory, Outrage AD or Venator, but it also introduces a few other gems from across the country, such as Untimely Demise (Saskatoon), Bookakee (Montréal) or Unbreakable Hatred (Québec). Whether or not you are discovering these bands, this compilation provides an accurate portrait of what has become one of the most prolific heavy and extreme Canadian metal regions over the last few years. Plus it’s free:

_News - comp Asher Media Vol4

A true musical orgy, Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 4 is a compilation of 44 bands who worked with the publicist Asher Media Relations in 2014.  Placed in alphabetical order, this compilation ranges from punk and hardcore (Kill Matilda, The Rough Boys) to black metal (Idol of Fear, Hollow), and covers other genres such as thrash metal (Mutank, Trainwreck Architect), death-doom (Norilsk, Psychotic Gardening), shock rock (New Jacobin Club), melodic metal (Odium, Laika), eclectic (Tribune, Expain), and a lot more. Rather than putting your mp3 player on shuffle mode, get your hands on this free compilation:

_News - comp CDM

Last but not least,the Canadian Death Metal network just put online a compilation of 10 bands whose prime objective is to make sure your Xmas dinner goes down the wrong way. A very compact compilation focussed on one genre in specific, it includes Kataplexis, Xenocide, Fumigation, Accursed Spawn, Bastard Son, Ages, Exterminatus, About Blank, Althotas and Cryptic Enslavement. Download it for free by following this link:


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