Musical Digest: Morgue, See Through Secrecy and A Scar for the Wicked

Here is the trailer for a documentary on the Quebec City black metal outfit Morgue. Filmed in what looks like a direct cinema style, a filmmaker ventures into his son’s marginal surrounding through the lenses of one of the most popular underground genres. This generation distance brings a mandatory exploration of stereotypes and the young men’s transition to adulthood. The challenge with this documentary will be to see if it ends up depicting a singular group or the typical young black metal band. La vie selon Morgue (Life according to Morgue) should be of interest to a wide audience.

See Through Secrecy - The Voice Inside

See Through Secrecy released an EP on February 28, entitled The Voice Inside. Produced by Montreal’s Silverwings Studios, we recognize the crystal clear sound and refined production. In See Through Secrecy’s case, it’s totally playing to their advantage given the complexity of riffs – it’s plenty of guitar picking and they are tightly locked with the drums, thus offering a compact slab upon which the vocals are gently floating. This EP is a collection of five songs and a total of 21 minutes, that I could describe as a melodic metal with a lot of influences including a heavy dose of metalcore (in particular on the title track). The EP reminds me of Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying to some degree, but also of Lacuna Coil and Arch Enemy. What makes See Through Secrecy stands out is the vocals: on the one hand there is this beautiful melancholic and shoegaze woman’s voice, and on the other hand there are some very thin and half-aggressive screams. The least I can say is that the results are interesting and add something fresh to the genre. Listen for yourself to their Reverbnation page (just one song at the moment) here:

A Scar for the Wicked is a deathcore band from Perth (near Ottawa), Ontario. The band just came back from Silverwings Studios in Montréal where they recorded their new EP, The Necrobutcher. With five songs clocking just below the 20-minutes bar, ASFTW delivers one of the most popular genres of the Generation Y: it’s brutal, fast, a little technical, a little melodic, very mechanical and has a huge sound. Up here is a beautiful lyrics video for the song “Surrounded by Giants”, which showcases the band’s dark imaginary universe. Also check out the EP by following this link:

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