Mutank Live from Wacken, Day 5 and 6 Recaps

Mutank Day 5-6

The guys from MUTANK have been on Canadian soil for a few days now and they brought with them a final recap of their last two days spent in metal paradise, the Wacken Open Air.

Day 5

The Final Countdown

By Stephen “Steveout” Reynolds, bassist/vocalist of MUTANK

It’s the final day of Wacken and that moment just hit where you begin to understand how 5 days in a row at the the worlds biggest metal festival begin to take it’s toll. While we are physically wasted from total debauchery, rounds in the pit and endless deafening music, morale is extremely high, everyone is still having a blast. As much as I think all of us want Wacken to last forever, there is also a nagging voice starting to rise in the back of our collective conscience that simply whispers … “bed”.

Another awesome day, so much left to do and see and this is the last chance to do and see it. Hitting up the Heavy Metal Village, the Metal Church, the Viking Village, the Metal Market, trying some strange cuisines from around Europe, saying goodbye to all our new friends and thanking crew members, letting folks know that despite our loss in the contest that we are here to make a mark, not to play some game etc.

Round it out with some Megadeth and then it’s time to go!

We stay up all night to catch our shuttle back to the airport where we will begin our gruesome trek home from what may have been the best time of all of our lives. Despite my head bobbing in and out of sleep, I am hyper aware that this is the end of something special, but also the start of a new era for MUTANK. There is a fire lit anew within us and we leave knowing this will not be out last foray at Wacken.

Tank Mu for reading!

DAY 6 – Liam Hinchey – Guitarist


As A.M. as it gets…. Somewhere after Wacken’s last power chord and the final round of squeezing every ounce of hookups from the Wacken V.I.P. hub – a mix of emotions come into play once it was time to leave this sacred ground, this Heavy Metal Valhalla…

For now…

We had found our home here, our new family of the underground, these anti-norm-life, mass outcast elite ragers – dieing hard a thousand times for the purest way of life that we know. All together and celebrated in ways most would never comprehend.

I find myself alone, in the back of the field, facing the Black Stage with a beer, some sort of throat infection from fuck knows what and a grin that a hammer couldn’t smash away. An hour must have passed as the soliders of metal marched off to their resting places from where they will surely rise from the grounds again, and again, after the world is buried, and only the eternal Wacken remains.

Reality sucks!!!

Hoofin’ it back to the campgrounds, avoiding the foaming mouth yellow tarp forest lady, to the campground bar for the last Beck’s of the trip when our ever reliable “Head of insecurity”, Adam Reynolds, comes a-running with left overs from what our new bud’s in Killface had left him. Over a dozen king cans and more of these puzzeling fucking Ban-nan-as… I still don’t fuckin know…

We knock ‘em back as the sun comes up with our most bodacious Wacken Battle Canadian rep. J.J. Tartaglia, Juan from Bajo Asfalto magazine, Sergey from Sodom’s tech crew, and pretty much every other Wacken psychotic who didn’t want to fucking leave! I think the U.K. band may have even showed up early for next year!

Alarm clocks have never been cursed as much as they were this day when we knew our truck was coming for us in moments… and as the band parted ways amongst transports towards our days and days of travel back home, we knew we would be back again, one way or another.

Expressing our deepest, fartiest, gnarliest, rambling, sincere TANK MU’s to the Wacken organizers, crews, staff, and cohorts of any kind, we can say nothing but it was a dream come true, and when you see us coming again… just plug your nostrils!

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