Mutank Live from Wacken, Day 3 Recap

Mutank Day 3

The Wacken Open Air may be officially over, but Mutank is here to continue the festivities with us with their recap from their third day at the festival, courtesy of bassist/vocalist Stephen “Steve-out” Reynolds.

Day 3

The Morning After

By Stephen “Steve-out” Reynolds, bassist/vocalist

“Did that just happen?”

My back crackles as it curls off the rock solid ground. Despite the tense muscles cultivated from some combination of camping life and a short but intense dose of headbanging, I feel fucking amazing. Before this day there was a thick cloud of anxiety in the air, not a worrisome feeling or some form of nervousness, just a recognition of the unknown. What the hell does a few thousand people moving to a song you wrote in your basement look like? To those feelings wash away as I awake with the answer to that question.

Now it’s lax, I’m in my element, just some mid-20s metalhead in a foreign city populated by mosh-happy party crashers. I walk around the camp grounds, my eyes shifting from one group of debauchers to another. I make my way to the artist areas just for the hell of it and end up meeting up with some representatives of labels we would love to work with. I feel so good to have these opportunities, I just hope my verbal diarrhea somehow smells like roses today.

We meet up with some Austrians in the press area for some interviews and they end up being some super rad people to talk to. One is a vocal coach so I grill her for tips because I became a vocalist much the same as Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, I just said “Fuck it, I’ll sing”.

As the day goes on we mingle with the crowd, still coming down from our big moment on stage. A few beers in us, we watch on as bands start to take the main stages. From afar as Steele Panther play their comedy porn rock, followed by Saxon and Accept. Both bands play exceptional sets that are truly inspiring to watch.

We party on into the night feeling excellent after finally having a relaxing day at this fucking excellent festival. But much as the rain clouds rolled in over the main stages, the feeling of anxiety started to rear its ugly head. The battle is now over, the bands have had their 20 minutes to show they deserve to win the biggest battle of the bands in the known universe, and tomorrow we hear the results.

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