Musical Digest: Altars of Grief and Deformatory

A few weeks ago we were talking about Regina’s death-doom act Altars of Grief, and presented the video they made for the excellent “Only Our Scars”. The band recently released another song: “The Plague that Haunts the Darkness”. Off their forthcoming album This Shameful Burden, this new song is ultra dark, heavy, depressive, melancholic and powerful, all at the same time. With its sluggishness, Altars of Grief’s music hits us deep inside, like the darkest moments before a terrible thing happen. Aside from being a good YouTube teaser, this excerpt is also an opportunity to unveal the nightmarish artwork of the album. This music is meant to be listened to very loudly, alone in a dark room, with your headphones on.

Deformatory is back! While the dust has barely settled since they released In the Wake of Pestilence–a monster of an album–the Ottawa technical death metal band is already spreading the word about their next endeavour, called Malediction, to be released by CDN Records (Fumigation, Deamon, etc). This short teaser isn’t saying much, but it’s very catchy: we get a taste of the theme behind this new album, coined like the intro of a horror movie. Killer!

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