Musical Digest: Kyoktys, Unbeing, Aeron’s Wake and Upon Ashes

Passage is the new EP from Kyoktys, a death metal band hailing from Calgary.  Kyoktys is playing a very catchy and groovy brand of metal, with guitars tuned as low as hell can go (7 or 8 strings?) and sandpaper vocals reminiscent of Meshuggah. Like on the previous A River in Hell EP, Passage has a metalcore finish and a home studio production. Guitar solos are crazy fast and long (check out “We Are Now”), drums are a series of katas either slow or fast and custom-built for a good headbanging session (“Never Be Alone”). On the visual side of things, I really like the artwork of the new EP and the new logo. Overall, Passage is a good album to listen with your hairy friends this Summer, with plenty of refreshmments. A very convincing 20-minutes.

Don’t be fooled, Unbeing is not a machine. The Montreal outfit is releasing the follow up to its first album, a 2011 CD that was remastered in 2013 and re-released on vinyl. A progressive and technical metal album, the self titled first album was as cold and calculated as a futuristic machine. I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t think that Unbeing would be able to write a follow up album as strong as its predecessor, but Raptus, the new EP, simply blew my mind! Presented in an crystal-clear production, what makes it so special is that Unbeing seems to have transplanted a soul to this new opus, and this soul happens to be the Montreal metro! Indeed, as soon as we step into the first song, we are transported to the heart of the underground metropolis, where life swarms silently, muffled by the deafening noise of wagons and mechanical systems, where vents bring you that smell of mixed rubber and dust, and where a symphony of bright lights passes before our eyes at great speed. In other words, Raptus is a whirlwind of fast-moving ideas that make a few stops at different stations to take its breath before leaving in another direction. Raptus may have less metal and more jazz, but they’re never far from each other, as in the transition between “Tetris Rufus” and “2nd Cup”. Raptus is our ticket towards one of the best EP of 2014.

Aeron’s Wake is a new instrumental band from Windsor, Ontario, that plays folk or Celtic metal. Their first EP, self titled, is available since July 10 on a pay-what-you-want basis on their Bandcamp page. While this is not a genre that I am familiar with, I have to admit after a few listens only that this is a very well crafted EP: songs are flowing well, there natural arrangements and a good variety of epic moments, from the exciting “Battlecry” to the slower “Tooth & Claw”. The recording is relatively good and we can hear everything, especially the nice mix between violon and guitars, a writing quality highlighted by the production. When I listen to Aeron’s Wake, I can’t help but think of movies, and for this reason I would easily see its music being used as a soundtrack one day or the other. Check this out!

Do you know Upon Ashes, from Niagara Falls? This relatively new melodic metalcore band released a six-song EP called Liberate last Fall. If this is your genre, make sure to catch Upon Ashes on the road as they are doing the Ontario leg of the tour with Black Tongue, Continent and Dawn Vally.

Dates and venues:

21 juillet @ Detour Music Hall, St. Catharines

23 juillet @ The APK, London

24 juillet @ The Smiling Buddha, Toronto

27 juillet @ Club Saw, Ottawa


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