Musical Digest: Hypnotic Dirge Records, Tumbleweed Dealer, Ocean of Tears, Psychotic Gardening, Towards Darkness, and The Vile Things


In a perfect world, the most original bands would be the most popular and their labels would have no problem supporting them. In reality, underground genres such as doom, black metal, sludge and atmospheric metal are holding on by the skin of their teeth, and often have to pay from their own pockets to maintain their own activities. Hypnotic Dirge Records is one of these underrated Canadian labels, based in Saskatoon SK, that kills itself to widen our horizons. While it worked with excellent Canadian bands such as Neige et Noirceur, Funeral Fornication and Ov Hollowness, the label quickly added a rich selection of international rosters that should be appreciated over here, such as Nethermost, Odradek Room, Epitimia, Windbruch, or Vin de Mia Trix. With a philosophical objective to support financially its activities while offering a maximum of visibility to its bands, Hypnotic Dirge Records decided this week to have all of their digital album available in their entirety as a ‘pay what you want’ price. Make yourself a gift: head over to this amazing label’s Bandcamp page by following this link and consider making a donation to support it, or grab a few eclectic albums in physical format here.


Montreal’s stoner band Tumbleweed Dealer, for which we wrote an album review here, is a bout to launch is third album, recorded at Studio Lantiez. Led by Seb Painchaud, the band is introducing Jean-François Richard (Ion Dissonance) on drums and Miguel Valade (ex-Ion Dissonance, ex-Negativa) on bass guitar. While we wait to hear the full length, Tumbleweed Dealer has released the re-recording of “Resurrected Yet Again”, a title from the first album. See this amazing new artwork, designed by Alexandre Goulet, and listen to the song below.


Doom is on the rise in 2014 and one of its symptoms is Ocean of Tears, a new musical project in the vein of Novembers Doom or October Tide. Based in Ottawa and Halifax, the new entity includes past and present members of the death metal band Fumigation. “In Mourning”, the first song to stream, gives us an excellent idea of things to come: finely crafted music with deep and mesmerizing arrangements. Ocean of Tears is quiet on its future projects (an EP? an album?) but we know that a lot of thoughts are being put into this studio project and that it should find a niche within the canadian scene. Fans of melancholic death-doom, head this way:

Yesterday was the official release date for Psychotic Gardening’s new album, Hymnosis. Without a doubt one of the albums that I most listened in the last few weeks, Hymnosis should quickly become a favourite. Altough it is way more death metal than doom, it carries the dark and heavy veil of death-doom, without getting depressive or negative. If death metal is your cup of tea but you dare trying a different flavour from time to time, Hymnosis is the perfect introduction to death-doom for you. Click here to stream the full album. If you want some visual, here are the two excellent videos that the band released earlier for Hymnosis.




While we step on the doom territory, here is Towards Darkness’ artwork for the upcoming new album, Tetrad. A mix of sludge and funeral doom, every new opus from the Montreal band is an astonishing push forward for the genre. Should I mention that we’ll keep both eyes open for the tracklist and release date about this exciting new chapter, which could be part of the next update to be posted by the band on their Facebook page.



Last but not least, there is a new label in Quebec for all of this rapidly-expanding doom scene. The Vile Things is a collective put together by PRC Music (Gorelust, Doom’s Day, Kröwnn) and D7I Records (Fistfuck, Le Kraken, Expectorated Sequence), two labels known for their commitment and support to the extreme genres and local scene. The new label starts with a bang by releasing the CD version of the excellent Show of Bedlam (the vinyl was released earlier by the Montreal label Choking Hazards Records), as well albums by Black Khox, Milanku and Stoned Horses.

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