Musical Digest: Accursed Spawn, Buffalo Theory Mtl and Psychotic Gardening

You dreamed about it, so did we: an excerpt from the new Accursed Spawn EP, one of Ottawa’s most extreme metal bands. Accursed Spawn has a high profile locally, in part because of their two ultra sick EPs and many non-commercial favourite tracks, such as the tongue-in-cheek “Stabbed in the Dick”, “Date Rape Psychosis”, and more. On a more serious note, the new single “Burned Into Sterility” rings like a boxing bell: the song starts like a Cryptopsy attack, before tracking down a more metronomic pace à-la-Cannibal Corpse, then flirts with grind/technical/death metal like a threesome, and then throws in a twisted–almost atmospheric–epic Gojira-esque ending. The production also beats the s**t out of Accursed’s previous EPs: we can now hear each instrument very clearly and feel the musicians’ stamina behind the attack. The drum sound is worth mentioning, in good part for its very ‘skin-like’ (or leathery) organic accents, a texture that reflects both an original and upright approach to production (good job Arend Nijhuis). Keep a black eye open for Putrid, the pummelling EP that will feature ”Burned Into Sterility”.

To listen to Accursed Spawn’s discography:


A rather original way to release a single, Buffalo Theory presents no less than three versions for its new song. Not only it is sung in three different languages, but it is also sung by three different singers: Anton Parr, BTMTL’s lead singer, delivers a solid Portuguese version of “Justiceiro”; guitarist Yannick Pilon is taking care of the French “Obsédé”, and guest singer Patrick Mireault (Ghoulunatics) takes care of the English version “Disciple”. As for the music, this is 100% Buffalo Theory.  No surprises here: it grooves, it’s contagious, while conforming to their previous discography in terms of riffs and technique. The guys added a nice stoner bridge in the middle of the song, which gives it an interesting non-commercial length of 5:32 min. Fronted by a new set of coat of arms, this is a welcome surprise for our ears.

The three versions are available here:


Winnipeg’s lords of death-doom, Psychotic Gardening, is presenting their version of Death’s “Open Casket”, a song that will appear on their next album Hymnosis, which release date is set up for May 13. Despite the contemporary production, we can feel the authentic old school vibe of a band that celebrates its 19th year of existence under one form or another. In a country where death-doom is often overlooked, Psychotic Gardening is that kind of entity that knows how to channel fans of different types of extreme and underground metal scenes, without taking the easy route nor being superficial. Without a doubt, “Open Casket” is a tasty candy offered in preparation of the full Hymnosis album unveiling.


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