Musical Digest: Alaskan, Folkyria and Dark Century


_News - Alaskan

On February 28, post hardcore/metal band Alaskan, from Ottawa, released quietly its new opus, Despair, Erosion, Loss. Recorded and produced by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios (Fuck the Facts, Merdarahta, Biipiigwan, Insurrection), this album has the same amount of textures as its beautiful cover artwork. It is rich in distortion, saturation, screams, and background noises. Through this remarkable production, drums are the only instrument which give the impression of control and restraint. Swimming in a sea of influences from such bands as Cult of Luna, Neurosis and Buried Inside, the new Alaskan album delivers exactly what we came to know about the band, and which characteristics have been established on The Weak and the Wounded. On Despair, Erosion, Loss, the Ottawa trio is not offering any surprises, nor pushing the envelope (except maybe for more room for the bassist to scream). However, the production pays justice more than ever to Alaskan, known for its oustanding performances. Despair, Erosion, Loss has this ‘live’ quality, made possible through rich textures and a rare musicianship intensity.

Stream or download the album for the price you want:


_News - Folkyria

Self described as a folk melo death metal band, Folkyria is a new outfit from Quebec City. On February 26, it released its first EP, called Triad of the Gods. Four songs plus an intro are packed on this 22-minutes record, and the least I can say is that this is a serious new metal band in the epic metal genre. Both songs and recording have this ability to take us far away to a realm of mythology and bloody war fields. For those who are familiar with this musical genre in Canada, Folkyria reminds me a lot of the Guelph (Ontario) band Unbowed, to a degree where I thought the two bands were twins separated at birth. The Triad of the Gods maxi reaches is objective: to catch our attention while serving us a nice metal slab. We will look forward to their first full album.

Stream and download here:


_News - Dark Century

Dark Century is about to launch its second album, Murder Motel. A mix of death metal, metalcore, grind and bacon, the Montreal band made a name for themselves through its participation to the En Route Vers Heavy MTL event, and highly colourful shows. Murder Motel seems to push it one step further than the previous album Days of the Mosh–just look at the artwork and song titles, with their juicy dark movies flavour. Murder Motel was produced by no other than Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Mass Murder Messiah, Derelict, Mortör), which should be a treat to any fan of powerful death metal. Some songs are already streaming by following the link below:

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