Musical Digest: Warground/Eyecancer, Sanctuaire and Neige et Noirceur

_News - WargroundEyeCancerThe least we can say is that the atmospheric/black metal band Warground, from Victoria BC is keeping busy. Last year, they offered us not least than 5 releases: one album, two splits, one EP, and a demo. This year should be just as busy, with the release of the split with Eyecancer displayed above, and two more splits to come (including one with Unhappy). Among the many new records of 2014, this one caught my attention in particular for different reasons. Of course, the remarkable cover artwork is one of the reasons, but I also dig this extreme trend of metal when it is well executed. Highly atmospheric, this split swims in a fog of special effects, amplification, sound experimentation, but also minimalism. In first position we find Eyecancer, a drone assembly from Nanaimo, BC. Laid like a roll of turf in the middle of a swamp, the low (very low) bass guitar of Eyecancer floats flabbily on a slow and ominous drums. As for Warground, the entity is delivering three tracks of pure atmospheric evil that range from 3 to a little more than 7 minutes. Each “side” of this split is available on the bands’ respective bancamp page, while the physical version of this album can be found on cassette format through Depressive Illusions Records. This is my recommendation if you are looking for something different these days.


A new project from Pat Monarque or, should I say, “another” project from Monarque. Despite its name, Sanctuaire, we know very little of this new entity. The excerpt above, “Gardien du Nord”, tells us that the undisputed master of Québec métal noir still has plenty of raw, black and aggressive music up his sleeves. Sanctuaire seems to be following the steps of “trve” black metal bands with its minimalist production, monochromatic visual, and other references to the genre’s roots. Nonetheless, I know this is a bottomless pit for those who dig it… If “Gardien du Nord” speaks to you, the demo will be made available through Productions Hérétiques’ catalog.


Neige et Noirceur - Gouffre onirique

Invisible Oranges posted a new track of Neige et Noirceur’s new album. “Le Portail de Kadath” gives a good idea of what Gouffre Onirique et Abîmes Cosmiques will sound like: a mid-fi and saturated production, dark compositions, and a general atmosphere that picks up where Hymnes de la Montagne Noire (the previous album) left. No more folk interludes, no more light passages like those we found on La Seigneurie des Loups… Neige et Noirceur is perfecting the great occult bidding it initiated nine years ago, and continues to do it in French. This album will be released on Sepulchral Productions.

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