Musical Digest: Outrage AD and Gorelust

_News - OutrageAD

We heard this week that Outrage AD, cult band from Eastern Ontario, was getting back together. An extreme christian band born from the early 1990′s death metal wave, it was a mix of death and thrash metal, something reminding me of Mortification. Previously named Outrage, they added an “AD” to differentiate it from the other Outrage bands, including the Montreal one. Outrage AD was created over 20 years ago and was very popular among the Gatineau/Ottawa mid-1990′s underground metal scene, along bands such as Mid-Evil. Outrage AD circulated a few demos, in cassette of course, but the band never recorded a real full length album. 20 Years later, it entered Apartment 2 Recording Studio (Topon Das, Fuck the Facts) to record old classics, as well as a few new songs. We’re hoping to see Outrage AD release that album sometimes in 2014.

If you’re curious to hear some of the old material:

_News - Gorelust

Let’s stay on the old school death metal theme. Gorelust, from Rimouski, is planning to release a new album this year. We are the Undead is said to be the logical follow-up to Reign of Lunacy, an album that was released 19 years ago, and re-released in 2012 by PRC Music. The beautiful artwork, created by Andrey Kroms, is a nod to Reign of Lunacy, but it should also give you an idea of the brutality of Gorelust’s death metal. On its Facebook page, the band is catching our attention with such titles as “Entering the Killfest”, “Rape the Rapist”, and “Penetrating the Weak”. Gorelust should be in studio very soon, and we are looking forward to hear We are the Undead before the end of 2014.

Listen to Reign of Lunacy here:


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