Our Very Own Top 20 for 2013!

Top 20 2013

Christmas holidays are now long gone, everyone has finished digesting the turkey and meat pies for several weeks now and the flood of Top 10-20-30-50-100 has passed. Here at Metal Made in Canada, we think now is a good time to release upon you all our very own Top 20, even more since it is Valentine’s week, talk about being metal!

As usual, our choices were made based on the music’s originality, maturity, novelty and on the pleasure to revisit the album for a listen over time. All of this, of course, taking into consideration our personal tastes.

Without further ado, here is our selection of the top 20 Canadian albums of 2013. On that note, we wish you all a Happy New Year 2014!

20. Battlesoul (ON) – Tir Na Nog

An album with as many strengths (folk and catchy tunes) than weaknesses (vocals); a very good pagan/folk album nonetheless.

Battlesoul - Tir Na Nog




19. Ov Hollowness (AB) – The World Ends

An album we did like a lot. Well done and produced, it stands somewhere between black metal, pagan metal and some form of death metal, being sometimes atmospheric and sometimes melodic. Ov Hollowness’ best album yet.

Ov Hollowness - The World Ends




18. Tyrants Blood (BC) - Into the Kingdom of Graves

Here we are in the land of pure violence. The band offers us its third black/death album that leaves no one unharmed. A very nice year’s end surprise.

Tyrants Blood - Into the Kingdom of Graves




17. Trollband (AB/BC) – Samsara

The pagan/folk metal division has been very busy this year: Battlesoul and Vesperia both releasing new albums, Crimson Shadows crowned at the Wacken Metal Battle, etc. The new Trollband album is very good and stands out from the crowd, thanks to the quality of the songwriting.

Trollband - Samsara




16. Tunguska Mammoth (QC) – Tunguska Mammoth

Mixing stoner and modern groove metal, Tunguska Mammoth gives us its self-titled debut album. After the band’s previous EP, our expectations were rather high for this album and the band was able to deliver the goods. Buy without hesitation.

Tunguska Mammoth - Tunguska Mammoth




15. Voivod (QC) – Target Earth

Very good album, more technical than both previous albums Infini and Katorz, an album that takes us back somewhere into the cosmic substance of the band’s golden age era (first half of the band’s discography).

Voivod - Target Earth




14. The Unconscious Mind (QC) – Where Philosophers Fall

Very well done, very eclectic (death, melodic death but mainly technical death).

The Unconscious Mind - Where Philosophers Fall




13. [Evertrapped] (QC) – The Anomaly

Here we find ourselves into technical death metal (Montreal’s area, anyone surprised?), groove metal and melodic metal. An album that requires several listens, but that is a nice discovery.

[Evertrapped] - The Anomaly




12. Deformatory (ON) – In the Wake of Pestilence

With its clear production, incredible speed and high degree of precision on all levels, this album is a bomb. Dressed up in a contemporary sound palette, the album is stylistically closer to old school brutal death metal.

Deformatory - In the Wake of Pestilence




11. BornBroken (QC) - The Healing Powers of Hate

One of our surprises in 2013, an excellent debut album for BornBroken who delivers an ‘in your face’ groove metal. An album worth every penny for fans of Lamb of God and Pantera.

BornBroken - The Healing Powers of Hate




10. Atonement (QC) – Atonement

Impressive slab of technical and melodic death metal, insane solos included!





9. Catuvolcus (QC) – Voyageurs de l’Aube

After scaring us a little bit by announcing the band’s demise, we were pleased to learn about this new album featuring 2 renowned guest musicians (Étienne Gallo on drums and Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe on bass). Very good, yet too short.

Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de lAube




8. Death Toll Rising (AB) – Infection Legacy

While Infection Legacy might not be the most original album out there, all the ingredients are gathered to make it one of the best death metal albums.

Death Toll Rising - Infection Legacy




7. Exit Strategy (AB) – The Atrocity Machine

Calgary’s brutal death/grind cult band, the least we can say is that this is an excellent album for the genre.

Exit Strategy - The Atrocity Machine




6. Panzerfaust (ON) - JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos

Abrasive and harsh black metal with a generous production. There are many similarities with Marduk, a Swedish band that we like a lot. The album is fast and often complex but there are moments where everything breathes, moments reminiscent of an Inquisition album.

Panzerfaust - JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos




5. Cryptik Howling (QC) - Synthetic Ascension Design

One of our very best of 2013. Some people say that the symphonic black metal band sounds too much like Dimmu Borgir, we disagree. This is an excellent album to leave on repeat and probably the best production coming from a Canadian metal band in 2013.

Cryptik Howling - Synthetic Ascension Design




4. Anciients (BC) – Heart of Oak

Discovery of the year, Anciients blends prog and metal with such brio. Their excellent debut album easily competes with the likes of Mastodon and Baroness. Beautiful artwork, beautiful sleeve, beautiful album.

Anciients - Heart of Oak




3. Gris (QC) - À l’Âme Enflammée, l’Äme Constellée…

Gris clearly established its reputation with this album. Poetic and tortured atmospheric black (almost post-black from time to time) is currently on the rise and Gris is leading the way.

Gris - À l’Âme Enflammée, l’Äme Constellée…




2. Skagos (BC) – Anarchic

Without any hesitation one of our very best album of 2013. Anarchic, an atmospheric ’Cascadian black metal’ album, may not be an easy listen, yet it is original and pushes the envelope.

Skagos - Anarchic




1. Gorguts (QC) – Colored Sands

As with every Gorguts album, the wait is always long and painful, deadlines are endless… still, the results are always worth the wait. We really liked Colored Sands, an album that we spin on a regular basis without getting bored. This album may not be as original as the now famous Obscura album, nor as intense or original as the other albums to which it compares (Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, …) but it has the quality of being relatively accessible and to get stuck in your head.

Gorguts - Colored Sands

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