Musical Digest: Towards Darkness, Endless Chaos and Hazzerd

towards darkness - sampler

Without a doubt one of my favorite canadian funeral doom act, Towards Darkness was unveiling this week a sampler of what we will find on their next album. This is only a pre-production, i.e. this is the skeleton upon which the drum and vocals will be re-recorded in studio, however this is more than enough to catch my attention. Since its beginnings (previously The Mass), this Montréal act has been digging a very underground and unexploited trend within our frontiers. To give you some references, their excellent albums could be compared to the musical universes of Mournful Congregation, The Howling Void, or Longing for Dawn. A perfect soundtrack for the long and dark winter months, this should be one release to keep an eye on, for all fans of extreme, heavy and minimalist music, where atmosphere crushes technique.

Listen here:


Among the many buzz that caught my attention this week is Endless Chaos, a new band hailing from Winnipeg. First single of an EP that should be released on March 4th, “Rejected Atrocity” is a song that hit me like a bull: there is the thrash energy, the aggressivity of blackened death, and a ton of guitar riffs that make you want to bang your head against the wall. Moreover, this might be one of the most badass band shot that I’ve seen in a while (credit: Brandon Bollen). For all fans of Revocation, Skeletonwitch and Havok, you’ll find in this new band something to please you. Crank it up!


Finally, if you are in a thrash mood these days, or if you are tired of revisiting your classics, here is one Calgary band that probably sits somewhere between the NWOBHM and the nu-thrash trend. Hazzerd is their name and this four-piece reminds me of Testament, Overkill and Judas Priest. Their most recent single, “Secret Society”, is the second excerpt of an album that should be released sometimes later in 2014. This is meant to be classic metal, and it follows closely the patterns of thrash. A band you probably want to see live, if you can!

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  • dale on

    Hazzerd live feb/05/14 morgans pub calgary … check them out

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