Musical Digest: Cromlech, Unhuman and Noire

Cromlech - Ave Mortis

Toronto’s Cromlech has released the first single titled “Shadow and Flame” off its forthcoming album “Ave Mortis”, which will be released this fall on My Graveyard Productions. I don’t know much about the guys in Cromlech, but I like their melodious way of making epic heavy/doom metal and also the fact that singer Kevin Loughnane’s vocals are remniscent of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan. I’m looking forward to listen to more songs from this album, check out “Shadow and Flame” below.




Unhuman - Unhuman

The epidemic is still spreading in Canada’s technical metal capital, Montreal, with a new player named Unhuman featuring Youri Raymond (ex-Cryptospy) on vocals and guitar, Kevin Chartré (Beyond Creation, Brought by Pain) on lead guitar, Mathieu Bérubé (Teramobil, Porno Coma) on bass and Alexandre Dupras (Plasmarifle, Teramobil) on drums. Another band with an amazing line-up bringing to you its own version of technicity. It is always surprising to see the amount of good band in Montreal playing tech death, one might wonder what is the reason to all this, is it the water? The poutine? Pauline Marois? I have no idea! While I try to make sense of this, here’s “Chaotic Equilibrium”, the first single from Unhuman’s forthcoming self-titled album, which will be out on November 1st.





Great news for Winnipeg’s progressive black metal outfit Noire, the band has just signed a deal with Quebec based label Deathbound Records (Catuvolcus, Hands of Despair). Originally self-released by Noire, the band’s debut album “Dark Reverence” will be made available worldwide by the label on October 1st. For a limited time, you can stream Noire’s entire “Dark Reverence” album via Deathbound Records’ Soundcloud player, which is right below this post.

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  • Antoine on

    Non, mais de quoi tu parles, Kevin Loughnane ne sonne pas du tout comme Maynard…Il sonne comme Hansi Kursch et les chanteurs de Solstice. On voit bien que tu n’est pas du tout familier avec ce genre de musique…

    • Legion on

      C’est comme ça qu’il sonne à mon oreille, mais tu sembles être une sommité dans le domaine de la musique alors je cours me rallier derrière ton opinion…

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