Our very own top 20 for 2012!

Top 20

It is time to start a brand new year and we, the crew members at Metal Made in Canada, in our continuous effort in helping to promote the Canadian metal scene, are now ready to share with you what we think are the 20 best Canadian metal albums for 2012! Obviously, this list reflects our very own thoughts. Our choices were made mainly based on the music’s originality, maturity, novelty, the “Will I Revisit This Album Often in the Future?” factor and of course, our personal tastes.

This list is meant as a way for us to show you which 2012 albums really caught our attention, which were really standing out of the crowd. It’s also a way for us to talk about some of the great bands we have here; whether they are long-established bands that are known by most people or newcomers to the metal game trying to make their place among our gigantic scene.

Some of you will probably agree with our choices as some others will probably tear their shirts in million pieces while reading this, but it’s all good, unanimously praised top lists only exist in the land of the unicorn. Feel free to share your very own choices for 2012 if they differ from our own!

So, here is our very own top 20 for 2012, if you don’t already know about some of those bands, take the time to discover them as they deserve our support and recognition for all the work and efforts they put in their craft!

1. TITANS EVE – Life Apocalypse

2. DERELICT – Perpetuation

3. CRYPTOPSY – Cryptopsy

4. BISON BC – Lovelessness

5. CATUVOLCUS – Gergovia

6. NEPHELIUM – Coils of Entropy

7. PAROXSIHZEM – Paroxsihzem

8. ODIUM – Burning the Bridges to Nowhere

9. AETERNAM – Moongod

10. XUL – Malignance


12. THE GREAT SABATINI – Matterhorn

13. MARES OF THRACE – The Pilgrimage


15. MORTOR – Shoot ‘Em Up

16. 3 INCHES OF BLOOD – Long Live Heavy Metal

17. BLINDED BY FAITH – Chernobyl Survivor

18. WOODS OF YPRES – Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light

19. AUROCH – From Forgotten Worlds

20. KEMILON – Twisted Storm

2013 is here and Metal Made in Canada is ready for another Canadian metal year! We will continue to publish our album reviews so we can share with you our findings. Til then, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year filled with tons of great Canadian metal!

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