Mutank En Direct de Wacken, Résumé Jour 4

Mutank Day 4

Le guitariste Liam Hinchey nous rend visite pour nous donner les détails de la 4e journée du groupe MUTANK au Wacken Open Air, jour où le grand gagnant du Wacken Metal Battle sera couronné.

Day 4

By Liam Hinchey, Guitarist


… that’s gonna happen.

The Sun beats down like a ten tonne T.V. tossed outta some motel by a young Lemmy himself…

Piecing together how the night ended while realizing I’m now smoking European cigs and haven’t showered since Canada (the wager continues…)

Half the crew has no voice, our spit has been blackened, Euro’s are rare, and business cards are bursting from stretched pockets, then I remember the first thing Jens from Ahlen said before the rain came “Let’s get Germanized.”

There is one repeating voice speaking in all of our ears, “Who will win?” – “Who is taking the victory home?” – “Who will be crowned as this year’s Battle Wacken champion?”

Today is the day we will know who is ready to play the most renowned heavy metal event in the world. Tense. Off to the Press Tent for the announcement!

Hair of the deutschland dog combined with some Wackinger Village axe tossing and crossbow action on the way, ’round the never vacant hospital tent, straight through to the swarm of journalists, photographers, managers, record labels, and bands who are grinding at the teeth for the news of a lifetime.

Meeting with our brothers of the Atlantic – Ireland’s Killface, and networking continuously around the buzzing V.I.P. hangout before the announcement, I’m asked “What will you do if you win?” I simply said “Save time, ’cause if we lose it’ll just take us a little longer to get where we’re going. Win or lose, we came for connections, for exposure, to broaden our network, and to be heard. There is no loss if you use everything that presents itself to you, but 1st fucking place is 1st fucking place, and we want it!”

We are all are called inside, side by side with competitors from the world’s best up and coming metal bands, tension runs faster
than a poser from Exodus, with lifesize Lemmy and Dio carved in metal to break your stare. They call out the winners from 5th place
to 2nd. Cheers and hell yeahs erupt from the nations congratulating Convivum, Evocation, Huldre, and Dirty Shirt on their accomplishment before announcing the 1st place winners, then silence…

The room shook when Spain’s In Mute was passed the torch for this year’s Battle Wacken. They have an incredible opportunity ahead of them and they deserved it. We raised our drinks and yelled, and wish them the best on the road!

Being the first time MUTANK had ever taken a hit, a brief time was spent to catch breath, but before the minutes passed we were back on ‘KILL’ mode.
More interviews to do, more people to meet, more connections to make, more opportunities to be had. We represented Canadian
METAL! And fuckin’ eh – we weren’t finished here yet.

Metal and fuckin’ eh – we giver.

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