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Metal Made in Canada is proud to present you an interview with Gatineau’s death metal band Insurrection. Vincent Laprade Séguin (guitar), Francis Girard (bass) and Philippe Moreau-Latreille (drums) speak with radio hosts Jay Cross and Katrina Starke Kuras about Insurrection’s new album, Prototype, and their fundraising campaign.


** The following is an excerpt of a radio interview executed by Jay Cross and Katrina Starke Kuras for Hammer Smashed Radio, CKCU 93,1 FM, Ottawa, on August 27, 2013. Used with kind permission from the radio station.


Kat: So you guys are joining us today on air because you have a bunch of awesome stuff coming up in your near future. Do you want to share them with us?

Vince: Yeah, well actually, first of all we have a cd coming out soon, which we are pretty happy about. It’s coming out on the 2nd [of September], the show we talked about earlier, with Dying Fetus – dead babies – and Placentophagia – also about dead babies [laughters]. We’re pretty stoked to see the results of that and we’re really, really happy about how many people helped us up when we [funded it] on Indiegogo. We got more money than we thought we would, so it helped us out a lot.

Kat: It’s amazing, thank you to the fans of Insurrection. So talking about your new album that you have coming out: what can fans expect when they’re listening to it, what is it called?

Frank: It’s called Prototype [...], it’s Insurrection.

Vince: It’s good, it’s heavy, it’s loud…

Frank: It’s melodic.

Phil: It’s just like a nice progression from Fracture, and it’s a more mature sounding. There’s a lot of djrr djrr, roar-roar, and bring-bring [laughters].

Vince: We had kind of a different process on that one: there’s a lot more of everybody giving their input on the songs. I think that can be a good thing; it just takes longer to write them because we have really short attention spans.

Frank: The five guys in one office, it’s just… non.

Vince: Sorry Steph [Insurrection’s singer and frontman] for that too [...]. He has to go through all of our… eh…

Phil: …Shenanigans [laughters]. The recording was ok I guess, it was like we say in French, it was “pas pire”.

Vince: Yeah, it went well, we’re happy about it.

Phil: For my first recording in a real studio it was “pas pire” I guess. Thank you Topon Das from Fuck the Facts…

Vince: … and Pierre Rémillard for mixing and mastering that… that thing – I was going to say that crap, but… [laughters]. I kind of did but…

Jay: It’s a perceptual thing. No. I heard it over and it was really good.

Vince: Thank you mister, it’s much appreciated.

Jay: There you go. Now you’ve allowed us – it’s still only available to people who did the Indiegogo campaign that you just mentioned…

Vince: Yes, everybody else will have to wait until it’s out.


Jay: As you mentioned earlier, you did this whole Indiegogo campaign. It’s something that a lot of bands have started: jumping into the whole crowd funding thing. You guys did it in a different way: a lot of these bands go like “I want a hundred thousand or ten thousand dollars” and everyone sees Protest the Hero and say “Woeee they make that much money??!… We can too!” But you guys started very modest with like a thousand dollars you were saying.

Frank: $2 500.

Jay: I just made you seem like pricks [laughters]!

Phil: Actually it was just a portion of the money we needed, because we spent a lot more.

Vince: Yeah, for sure we spent a lot more. I don’t know we just wanted kind of a little bit of help. We were ready to pay for it ourselves, but we thought why not try it if people can help us out, we might be able to eat and release an album.

Jay: Eating isn’t usually overrated in this business.

Frank: Eating is cool!

Vince: No, we kind of managed! Oddly! We got, like I said, we got way more than we were expecting.

Jay: And that’s kind of a showing of respect that you guys have really built over the last many years. You guys Insurrection have been around for a while…

Frank: Ten years. Not for me but I don’t care about others [laughters].

Jay: I think that’s a show, because you guys haven’t been really active in the last little while in terms of shows and stuff like that around town.

Frank: Yeah, it’s either people like what we do or we’re so annoying that they give up – or maybe a bit of both [laughters].

Jay: But speaking about your almost nonstop weekend tours or just straight tours, what do you guys have planned now that Prototype is coming out in terms of releases and stuff?

Vince: We’re going to Montreal and Québec in September on the 20th and 21st with the guys from Spelldown. We have a pretty awesome show coming up: we gonna be playing the Trois-Rivières MetalFest again – pretty stoked about that.

Jay: I believe there’s a couple known bands playing there.

Frank: There’s Suffocation – don’t know if people heard about them [laughters]. There’s a guy that shakes his hands, which is pretty cool.

Vince: They’re pretty awesome live. Hatebreed…

Frank: … Battlecross, Obituary with a clone of Steph…

Vince: … The Acacia Strain…

Frank: … Shadowsfall, the guy with the super long hair I think. Is that the band?

Vince: It is… you know the band with long hair, and one – no two – eyes?

Frank: And a nose too.

Jay: I think he wears a wristband when he plays.

Vince: He might. He probably might. On occasions.

Jay: He likes risks.

Vince: He likes risks for sure.

Frank: There are a lot of good bands.

Jay: Pretty sweet.

Vince: Yeah and we’re going in November on the East Coast. We don’t have any information on that yet, but we’re gonna do a few shows there so… gonna be awesome too.

Frank: It’s a lot of road… You guys on the East Coast better show up!

Jay: Ok so you have tons of shows planned now that the album is coming out; you did the whole crowd funding thing and absolutely succeeded; now you got the release show in your hometown with Dying Fetus. What can people expect since there’s been nothing but preparation and hard work?

Vince: We gonna be playing a lot of new stuff; of course the old ones too – the old classics that people like, or that we like to think that they like: AC/DC, Metallica [laughters]. A lot of hair, a lot of movement, a lot of crazies, stupidity, shenanigans… a lot of love.


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